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Debauchers, The  1970 DVD / All Regions

 DVD $19.98 SALE $9.99

Directed by Sidney Knight. This film is filed in both classic American XXX and in Soft-X because it's a transitional form. Director Knight was a soft-X director who made a few explicit films when that became the social fashion in 1971-1972. Explicit content was, however, quite rare in 1970 so THE DEBAUCHERS was filmed primarily as a soft-X film but in some scenes the performers go all the way. There is no doubt in my mind that this film was primarily released in soft-X form. The complete edit was probably only shown in a few large cities. When I say "filmed as soft-X" I don't mean the performers were always doing it but it's not shown… the performers are frequently *pretending* to do it, in proper soft-X style, then in the next shot they really are doing it.

As a transitional form, the marketing for THE DEBAUCHERS tries to make it sound like a 1960s "roughie" but there's nothing rough about it. Only a Marxist could think anything in the story is non-consensual because it's all about what people will do for money. A young woman is perusing the help wanted section with her boyfriend. He notes an add for "Model for experimental film. One week. High pay." She thinks it's shady but he encourages her to apply for the position so she can buy him that stock car he wants. She shows up and listens to a graying fellow talk about things for-ever. (Ironic that low budget film-makers the most egregious film-wasters) The next day she finally ends up with the verbally abusive director.

Most of this film's erotic appeal stems from director's contemptuous manner… it's like one of those psych experiments about authority. When she declines to spread her legs for him he literally throws money at her and shames her for wasting his time. After he gets some explicit self-pleasuring on film the girl rums to call her boyfriend to come rescue her. But the boyfriend still wants that stock car. When he arrives the director takes him aside and offers him money to be filmed having sex with his lady. From that point it's a series of line-drawing exercises.

Starring: Tina Russel, Angela Scherk, Daria Bartun, Messa Trudu, Susan Cono

all models/performers over 18 years of age